Using Twitter in Vietnam for your SEO and online marketing in Vietnam

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In the last few years, social networks and community management have become a fundamental skillset of online marketing. It is extremely relevant to know that about 1 out of 3 Vietnamese citizens now owns a smartphone, a very attractive rate for online and mobile marketers. Combine this with the quite overall young population of Vietnam (median age of 29 years old) and you get a perfect recipe for social network expansion. Indeed, Vietnam is Facebook fastest growing market, and everyday thousands of Vietnamese will be sharing their thought on Twitter. Everyone obviously knows how to use Facebook, but what about Twitter? Is there any potential for online marketers? What are the risks and the costs of using Twitter?

using twitter

Twitter usage in Vietnam

Please note that even though Twitter is ranked as the second largest social media in neighboring countries in South East Asia, Twitter in Vietnam does not even rank among the top 5 social media (Comscore 2013). Facebook is however consistently the number one social media in the region, Vietnam included.
Reach of the Top 5 social networks in Vietnam by Comscore (2013)

Facebook: 74.5%
Zing Me: 32.9%
Dien Dan Bac Lieu: 12.4%
Kenh Sinh Vien: 10.2%
Linkedin: 7.0%

Hiển thị kết quả xổ số miền bắcIn this post, I will try to explain the basics of using Twitter, a tool which is still very new to most of Vietnam internet population. We at Golden Speed SEO believe that Twitter can indeed be useful for search engine optimization but also for online marketing in general.

Main Twitter functions for the “newbie” user:

  •  Tweet: this is what you share on your personal Twitter page, but also to other Twitter users. When composing a new tweet you can insert external links, use hashtags that are related to a topic or an event and use “@” before the name of other users to give them a mention. However one thing that you need to know is the character limit per Tweet (140 as in a text message). In terms of online marketing you will have to think thoroughly your content headline and titles, as if they are too long, the possibility of your content getting shared easily on Twitter will decreased significantly.
  •  Re-tweet: it is the same as repost or share on Facebook and Google+. We can retweet any tweets that we may find interesting. This creates an interaction between you and the person you retweet which can lead to perhaps a follow.
  • Trending topic: This is what Twitter users are talking about right now. What’s interesting is that you can limit your interests to a geographical area. Hence if you’re doing online marketing in Vietnam, I would advise you to look at the trending topics within the country.
  • Followers : Followers are other Twitter users who are following you and will see your Tweets appear in their feed. In order to manage these users effectively, it is recommended to classify them into different lists.


  • Hashtag: this is very useful for us and other users when searching for a specific interest. Hashtag are also used as trending topics, hence you can get a really high exposure on Twitter simply by commenting on a trending topic.
  • Notifications: Similar to the notifications on Facebook, you will be able to see who is currently talking to you, following you and so on.

using twitter

So now you know what are Tweets, hashtags and follows, but you’re thinking “What should I do next?” Simple: Twitter, just like a Facebook page or a Google+ Community allow you to have huge circles, group of followers that will look at what you are tweeting, sharing and retweeting. For online marketers this is such a huge opportunity, sharing links to hundred of people who are following what you are doing online. As said precedently, if someone follow you everything you tweet or share will appear in their feed. So how to get more followers on Twitter?

  • Keep your Tweets interesting, short and relevant to your audience: As mentionned above Tweets can only be 140 characters long which includes the URL if you are sharing one. Keep it simple and consice and don’t forget to use one or two hashtags to increase your exposure.
  • Follow other users: Unless you are Robert Downey Junior (who gained one million followers right after creating a Twitter account), people are not going to follow you for the pleasure of doing so. Sometimes people might even expect you to follow them back if they follow you first. Of course great content and hashtags will help you gain followers but interacting with them, commenting on their tweets or pictures will help you raise your counter. Keep in mind that you want to gain an organic audience, relevant to what you’re selling. An organic audience on Twitter is composed of actual humans writing tweets as you might already know that Twitter is filled by bots that are sending automated tweets, and retweets, yet will never click any of your links.
  • Retweet: As mentioned previously retweeting can build a relationship between users which can help us to get a follow and more exposure as well.
  • Check your notifications (interactions/mentions): Some people have told me they rarely check their notifications as it is just people following or retweeting them. But what if there was a potential customer, asking for information or having a complaint? You have to check your notifications and see how other users are interacting with you.

 Some ideas for using Twitter to promote Vietnamese content and websites

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