Recent comments on Google Panda by Matt Cutts at Pubcon this November 2011

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A very interesting comment thread was started at by a person having discussed the Panda algorithm with Matt Cutts at the recent Pubcon conference this November 2011.

Panda is just an algorithm, any site can (potentially) get out if it has been penalized. It just would need to improve its quality score….we remain cautious regarding the timeframe et the ease implied in this statement.
It is suggested that bounce rates, amount of visited pages and the time spent on your site by visitors are now part of the algorithm. If this were true, it is certainly another good reason to link your website to a Google Analytics account, regardless of it being your main traffic analysis tool or not.
The initial scope of Panda, to target content farms (hence it’s original name: Farmer Update) has of course developed into a broader scope where duplicate content penalties can hit sites which are not content farms (e-commerce sites for example).


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    • December 23, 2011

    Panda looking for spam sites is very true. Not keeping your website up to date or having a high bounce rate on your site will cause your rankings to suffer substantially. SEO Services industry is in their prime with everything going digital. The competition to be on the top page of Google is becoming paramount because of all the money that is on the line.

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