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Chef movie 2014

Chef, a cooking movie with social media recipes

Warning: the following post contains major spoilers for the movie Chef (2014). This is the story of Carl Casper (Jon Favreau), a renowned…
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Vietnamese website advertisement

How Vietnamese consumers are empowered through the web

There are 58% of Vietnamese citizens that regularly use the internet for an average of 16 hours a week, according to Nielsen (2013).…
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Cloaking blackhat in Vietnam

Dangers of outsourcing web development: black hat techniques like cloaking hidden in your source code

It is common for small and medium sized businesses to outsource the development of their websites. This comes along with its advantages (mainly…
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New ample sources for searching keywords – A must read article to be a SEO expert in Vietnam

Working as an online marketer allowed me to experiment with several new tools, one of which is the SEO PowerSuite that includes Rank…
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5 Key Elements for Your Content to Go Viral

How to make your content go viral | Inbound marketing and social media in Vietnam

As online marketers we often get asked by our clients and prospects:  Can you make my content, my video go viral?   1.…
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English Vietnamese translation services for websites and online content

In the scope of our work for our online marketing clients requiring Search Engine Optimization, Social Media or Content Marketing services in Vietnam,…
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