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Service Twitter for SEO and Social Media in Vietnam

A Twitter Strategy that brought conversions in 3 months! Don’t play catch-up with your competitors!

So you realized (a bit late compared to your competitors) that Twitter can not only be a great tool to maintain a connection…
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Twitter Vietnam logo

Twitter in Vietnam, a new source for customers you will regret not using in 2015

Vietnam is often considered of the fastest growing market for social media. Indeed, a young population (median age of 29 years old, CIA…
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Mistakes in English in Vietnamese advertisements

Avoid English – Vietnamese Translation Mistakes that will affect your brand and product image

Nowadays, English is the most common language in international communication as well as on the internet. It is also the language that is…
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Image 40, cosmetic scams pureskin and biolab

Warning to Vietnamese SEO agencies and freelancers! Don’t get scammed or become an accomplice to fraud

Beware of this scam targeting Vietnam-based online marketing agencies and also Vietnamese freelancers that work on Google Adwords and Facebook marketing. After seeing…
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job scams on Vietnamese social media 5

Don’t get fooled by Job scams on Vietnamese social media, fake job posts are flooding Vietnam related Linkedin Groups

Vietnamese social media groups as well as Vietnamese online job posting boards are seeing a dramatic increase in fake job postings, most of…
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Google image Vietnam result page

Using images to boost your SEO in Vietnam

The benefits of using images on your website whether you are a Vietnamese online retailer or a food blogger is indubitable: providing visual…
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